AccuTRANS participates in YouthForce NOLA Career Expo

This past March, AccuTRANS team members participated in the YouthForce NOLA Career Expo as a part of “Team Marine Transportation”. This was an opportunity to share their knowledge of the tankering industry and their personal experiences in the field. The main intent of the Expo was to provide young adults with knowledge about some of the marine industry’s high-wage and high-growth careers. There were almost 2,000 students in attendance from local Orleans Parish High Schools.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the Career Expo the AccuTRANS volunteers said:

“It was inspiring to be able to interact with these kids and show them a few tasks that a Mariner performs, along with explaining benefits and rewards of being a Mariner.”

-Dwayne Bouvier | Quality Management Advisor

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to explain the life of a Tankerman to the students. They were very interested in the barge model that we had on display and were amazed at the gallon capacity of the barges. Some of the young men there were interested in becoming a Tankerman once they finish high school. The Career Expo is a great event to be part of.”

-Curtis Steele | Quality Management Advisor

Sounds like this is definitely something that the AccuTRANS team would love to participate in again!

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