Reflection of 2017 Brings Hope to a Flourishing New Year

Keep the HUNGER Going
With 2017 coming to a close, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on the many successes we’ve had over the years. Since its inception, AccuTRANS has strived for accuracy and building a family style work force. Almost 20 years later, AccuTRANS is a continued Top Workplace in two major cities- New Orleans and Houston. Employees participated in survey questions that measured direction, connection, and alignment with the company. New Orleans was named a Top 10 Workplace for the third consecutive year, and Houston had a 33% rank increase from 2016. In a time of economic downturn, we are proud to see that team members have ranked us highly. We truly believe in the people who help make the company what it is today, and the honor is a direct result of each of our cast members’ daily drive to deliver excellence at work and in our communities.

HEART Beyond the Workplace
This past August, Hurricane Harvey devastated many. Not only was our Beaumont office affected, but several of our team members’ homes were destroyed. Many rose to the occasion and did not sit idly by. They showed outpouring love and support to fellow coworkers and those affected in their communities.
Phone calls were made to check on everyone’s wellbeing. Supply packages and food items were delivered to homes. Some even took their personal boats to help neighbors to shelter.
Many people were overwhelmed by the true heart that everyone exemplified during this time. It was inspiring to see how they came together. We help our communities because we are a company that cares, and we know that this goes beyond ourselves. We continue in building each other up and strengthening our communities.

THOUGHT for the New Year
As we soar into 2018, we are gearing up in our strategies in safety, which is at the forefront. Safety expands beyond the deck of the barge, and we want to do everything possible to keep everyone safe. Families mean everything to us as well as to the men and women who call AccuTRANS a workplace, therefore supplying them with the tools to succeed is key. With a strong workforce, we are confident that we will succeed in our goal of Target Zero. Together we know our field inside and out and every action we take comes with extensive planning and thought. We have a lot figured out and that doesn’t mean we are content staying where we are. With the end of the year, we strap on our boots, meet challenges without complaint, and ensure our collective health and continued success is in full swing.

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