What is the AccuTRANS Velocity Course?

Tankermen onboarding their tankerman job by going through the field and classroom training in the AccuTRANS Velocity Course.

Tankerman jobs require considerable support because the conditions can be challenging. A company that dedicates itself to establishing a positive work culture makes these positions more rewarding. The AccuTRANS Velocity Course maintains this understanding. We commit ourselves to the holistic well-being and development of each member of the AccuTRANS family. What happens in our innovative program? We asked one of our leaders, Dwayne, to share about this experience:

What is the AccuTRANS Velocity Course?

This 3-day course is a big part of our unmatched work environment that makes tankerman jobs easier and more fulfilling.

In nearly all industries, company leaders double down on proficiency and skill when someone is struggling. However, employee issues often stem from enduring the environment and not a lack of hard skills.

Dwayne is among the leaders and educators in the AccuTRANS velocity course.

He says, “We get between the ears so people understand how they feel, react, and what they need to work well with others in difficult situations. ‘This program goes way beyond just the technical skills that it takes to load and unload barges.”

Dwayne is part of a team of our office staff that helps tankermen constantly develop on and off the clock because, at AccuTRANS, our health is shared, and our thought is always evolving.

What Do You Learn in the AccuTRANS Velocity Course?

Every tankerman must complete a training regimen as part of our onboarding process, which we divide into four phases.

After phase one, trainees enter the AccuTRANS Velocity Course. During this course, employees learn how to survive and work in the tankerman environment.

The course can be difficult and challenging, but it helps employees learn how to better understand their surroundings and how to work with others. The Velocity Program also helps employees improve their professional and personal lives at the same time.

“It gives the trainees the skills they need to survive and succeed in the industry beyond tankerman skills,” Dwayne explains, “…things like emotional intelligence, communication, perception vs. reality, cognitive dissonance.”

In this program, employees also gain the skills to take the next step in their careers. A distinguishing feature of the Velocity Program is that trainees and senior tankerman take this course together so trainees can lean on senior tankermen as resources.

“How better to prepare for the trials and tribulations that will be forced upon you than to hear the testament of those who have done it before you?” Dwayne offers, continuing, “It’s not just about the job; it’s about the people you want to be associated with.”

During this course, trainees learn the skills they need to have a successful career in their tankerman job. They also learn how emotional intelligence, succesfull communication strategies, time management, and more.

Why is the AccuTRANS Velocity Course Important?

This course was conceived from our understanding that most people don’t leave tankerman jobs because they lack the skills.

Most people leave these jobs because their company lacks the heart to teach them how to survive within the environment. Our passion is equipping employees with the mental and emotional tools they need to survive and thrive in challenging conditions.

This program provides a great opportunity to build teamwork and create a sense of family. Tankermen and logistics specialists take the same classes together. This helps both groups understand the decisions the other makes better. The course also focuses on making employees better people. With us, you’re more than just a number.

‘We’re making a difference in people’s lives by teaching them life skills and not just business skills,’ Dwayne elaborates, ‘so by making people better husbands, better wives, better parents, we’re making them better employees.’

Browse Open Positions for the Tankerman Job of Your Future

No matter what industry you enter, acclimating and succeeding requires professional and personal development and support. The AccuTRANS Velocity Program reflects our commitment to nurturing a positive work culture and atmosphere that makes the work exponentially more rewarding. We position you for personal and professional success because, with us, you’re not just another number; you’re a part of the AccuTRANS family.

We offer innovative and unequaled training that empowers employees to succeed on and off the clock. Plus, our culture supports those who live by our core pillars: Grit, Heart, Thought, Hunger, and Health. Browse open positions now for the career of your future.

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