Shore Tankerman Job Support: How an AccuTRANS Family Saved Christmas

An AccuTRANS shore tankerman's girlfriend saved christmas on a barge job.

What do family members do? They look out for each other. AccuTRANS has created a culture where each member of the family, from those working shore tankerman jobs to those working in logistics, looks out for one another. This is what families do, and our family extends beyond the people who perform transfers. When you’re part of our family, so are the people you care about the most. Here is a glowing example of the power of the AccuTRANS family and the magic that happens we work together.

Holiday Heroics: How a Shore Tankerman’s Girlfriend Saved Christmas

On a chilly and sunny Christmas afternoon in 2022, the power of the unbreakable AccuTRANS bond was on full display as one family managed to work a Christmas miracle for those working shore tankerman jobs.

Hard at work on a barge in Houston during the holidays, many people working on this barge didn’t have the opportunity to get groceries to eat a proper Christmas Dinner. Enter Russell, a tankerman who was dispatched to the job site on Christmas Day.

As always, when Russell arrived, he started talking with the other people working on this transfer. When the AccuTRANS family gets together, they talk like old friends. That day, they spoke about the upcoming NFL playoffs, their families, and the holidays.

When Russell learned many of them would likely not be able to eat a hot, home-cooked meal on Christmas Day, he was saddened. Everyone deserves a hot meal on Christmas.

Russell waited for an opportunity to call his girlfriend, Melissa, and explained the situation his fellow shore tankermen were in. He knew he could count on her to help. After all, everyone knows the saying: Behind a behind every great man, there is a great woman.

One of Melissa’s family members worked in oil fields and knew firsthand what it’s like to be away on Christmas. Without hesitation, she put the people working tankerman jobs that day before herself. After all, that’s what you do for your family.

Russell’s whole family started cooking for them, and they even included food from their own Christmas dinner. The Christmas dinner on the barge included all the fixin’s:

  • Prime rib
  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Spare ribs
  • Green bean casserole
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Mac-n-cheese

After putting together a feast in a flash, Melissa and Russell coordinated with the supervisor to get the food to the tankermen, who were so excited when they found out, they couldn’t wait and met them halfway down the barge with watering mouths to get the delicious spread of food.

“Many people would have brought something pre-made, but this added a heartfelt, personal touch because that’s what you do for your family and the people you care about the most,” explained Jack, Operations Manager in Houston.

When they brought the food, it was around 5 P.M. The people working the night shift arrived an hour later, surprised by the meal. For them, it was like being a kid again and waking up to magically delivered presents on Christmas morning.

Each shore tankerman on that barge was deeply touched that Russell and Melissa would get their family involved to ensure they had a home-cooked meal on Christmas.

“In some ways, this reflects the legacy of one of our beloved founding fathers who just passed away, Mr. Dave Foreman. Mr. Dave always taught us the golden rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. If it’s Christmas and you are going to be eating a sandwich instead of a home-cooked meal, that’s what you would want. That’s how we take care of each other at AccuTRANS,” elaborated Jack.

The tankermen were joyous and thankful that someone put thought and heart into the meal. They ate and talked and enjoyed spending the holiday with their extended family at AccuTRANS, which made it a truly special occasion.

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AccuTRANS takes pride in a culture that treats everyone working our tankerman jobs like family. When we work together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. This is why we offer endless support to each member of the AccuTRANS family, which Melissa’s holiday heroics demonstrate.

We are committed to supporting each member of the AccuTRANS family in living out our core values: Grit, Heart, Thought, Hunger, and Health. To learn what’s new at AccuTRANS, browse our blog. If you are interested in joining our ranks and experiencing an unrivaled culture while receiving competitive pay and benefits, browse open positions.

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