What is an AccuTRANS Dynamic Performer Tankerman?

A group of AccuTRANS Dynamic Performer tankerman.

In 2016, we started an initiative to recognize every world-class tankerman behind our world-class service through the ‘Dynamic Performer’ award. These ‘Dynamic Performers’ drive our success. We love celebrating the wins and accomplishments of each member of the AccuTRANS family.

For 25 years, AccuTRANS has been the industry gold standard thanks to the people who successfully perform transfers every day. Read our blog to learn more about this award and what it means:

What is a ‘Dynamic Performer’ Tankerman?

We believe each member of the AccuTRANS family has the potential for greatness, and we celebrate them when they reach this potential.

This award is how we recognize the MVPs of our organization. This philosophy is at the core of defining a ‘Dynamic Performer’ tankerman. A ‘Dynamic Performer’ is a tankerman who goes the entire calendar year with no infractions.

What do we mean by “no infractions”? Well, this can mean many different things, but it accounts for incidents like no spills, no injuries, no forgotten PPEs or required licenses, and even never missing a phone call.

To be eligible for this award, a tankerman needs to work an entire calendar year without missing work for more than 2 weeks. We are thrilled to say that we had 69 winners last year, and that number continues to grow.

This is a shining example of what continues to fuel our success and excellence as the industry gold standard: when we raised the bar and started recognizing excellence, our people rose to the occasion and continue to do so.

“We are always looking to improve and grow. It’s ingrained in our culture. This award is the perfect example of that. Our people constantly strive for excellence. We do not rest on our accomplishments. We use them as motivation to reach even higher heights,” said Michelle, the Compliance Manager at AccuTRANS.

Still, we offer more than a pat on the back for this award. Winners receive an invitation to the award’s dinner, a gift (like an FRC-approved jacket with the dynamic performer logo), and the chance to win an all-expense paid trip with their spouse or significant other.

“Words cannot express how proud we are of our dynamic performers. Day in and day out, our tankermen provide top-notch customer service to clients while ensuring safe transfers along inland waterways. They are essential to keeping our nation moving forward and protecting the environment. To say we are proud of them would be an understatement,” added Michelle.

What’s New at AccuTRANS?

We are committed to supporting each member of the AccuTRANS family in living out our core values: Grit, Heart, Thought, Hunger, and Health. In many ways, our ‘Dynamic Performer’ award is a direct extension of this because they embody each of these values. We are also proudly celebrating our 25th anniversary. We continue to be the industry gold standard, which would be impossible without our ‘Dynamic Performers,’ so we constantly go above and beyond to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate them.

To learn what’s new at AccuTRANS, browse our blog, and if you are interested in joining our team of ‘Dynamic Performers,’ browse open shore tankerman jobs.

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